Brian Johnson

Technology and Development

Who I am: 

  • I enjoy woodworking – which is really another word for tool collecting – and haven’t been able to actually park a vehicle in my garage for 15 years.
  • Fostering dogs that are considered unadoptable due to their temperament is a passion of mine.
  • Flying model airplanes – and frequently crashing them – is how I relax.

What I do at EMOL Health:

Whether working with our medical partners to store patient data, or researchers interested in harvesting information from those community-based practice settings, I listen to our clients’ needs and develop the computer code necessary to extract information from EMRs including physician and allied medical professional’s notes and medical scans.


Why I do what I do:

Developing software is something I’ve always enjoyed, although my experience spans building, repairing, and maintaining computer systems in general. Collaborating with the EMOL team as we help to define a client’s needs and then designing software that will meet those needs is rewarding for me. There doesn’t seem to be anyone untouched by cancer, and my life is no different. In joining EMOL, I saw an opportunity to use my skills as a software architect to have a positive impact on the research to treat cancer.


How To Reach Me:


Contact us to request a demonstration and learn how we can support you.