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The OWL system is unique in its unmatched depth and breadth of aggregated patient data. EMOL Health’s ability to collect, store and search aggregate patient data allows the transformation of raw data to valuable clinical information for both bioscience researchers and the healthcare industry with the goal of improving patient care on multiple levels. Our proprietary method of warehousing clinical data allows accurate information abstraction even as medical science advances.

What Makes Our Data the Gold Standard

EMOL Health solutions include powerful capabilities to recognize and mine information from oral dictation, giving the aggregated data more detail, accuracy, and ─ above all ─ context.

Full-Text Searching

After indexing all unstructured information (such as provider dictations) through multiple optical character recognition (OCR) engines, our software searches for significant terminology using algorithms to increase the accuracy of matches. Providers, staff, and researchers can search through thousands of documents with ease.

Data Parsing

The system also increases value through data parsing; where it identifies not only the terms, but also pinpoints their placement within the dictation, and even down to placement within a sentence or in reference to other significant terms.

EMOL Health’s Partnerships With Clinical Providers

EMOL Health has established, long term relationships with oncology physicians based upon reliability, transparency, and trust. These partnerships allow access to data that facilitates adherence tracking studies, clinical trial inclusion and processing, as well as retrospective reviews for quality-of-care initiatives for health plans, pharmaceutical companies, and research organizations.

healthcare sectors we serve

Pharmaceutical Companies

Through our existing provider networks and our ability to quickly gain access to additional sets of medical data as needed, EMOL Health offers a unique and extensive collection of clinical data points for use in the pharmaceutical research space.

Our services allow pharmaceutical companies to:

  • Identify and interpret practice patterns
  • Track medication adoption and use
  • Review compliance and adherence to indications and treatment guidelines
  • Provide practice feedback

Clinical Research Organizations

Using either our own network of oncology practices or a CRO’s private network of practices, EMOL Health leverages real-world data from oncology patients to provide the foundation for improved study designs, trial collaboration, and evidence generation.

Understanding that incomplete or inconsistent patient data found in EHR systems can weaken or slow clinical research efforts, EMOL Health can minimize missing data with its unique provider dictation parsing and searching capabilities.

Insurance Companies

EMOL Health provides insurance companies with EHR information linked to clinical data and aligned to best-practice and evidence-based guidelines to support their efforts as they:

  • Assess compliance with value-based performance initiatives
  • Identify and monitor cost-saving activities
  • Track medication use and outcomes
  • Confirm compliance with current clinical practice guidelines from NCCN, QOPI, PQRS, OCM, and MIPS
  • Identify preventable adverse events that result in blood transfusions, emergency room visits, and re-hospitalizations
  • Benchmark provider performance

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