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Oncology Warehousing Language

OWL is an industry-unique system that mines and aggregates all fixed field and imaging data across a practice including schedules, pharmacy, laboratory, medical images, billing, and EMR producing a single, standardized source for information. Text-searchable nursing notes and physician dictations are added to this aggregate to produce a data-rich, truly complete patient record across all service lines and care touch points. This standardized, clean, patient record is easily accessed through a web browser allowing reports to be created in real-time.

Improving Quality of Care

Effectively, each department and group within an organization can continue running preferred systems while sharing access to a single, integrated record.

Quality of care becomes more consistent across locations and identification of emerging gaps in care can be quickly identified and addressed.

Practice managers benefit from enhanced transparency of consolidated process across locations.


Oncology Practice Data Aggregation

EMOL Health has an industry-unique capability to parse data from provider dictation records, providing unmatched depth to our aggregated patient data. We find that data from dictation adds detail not found in other patient records, providing researchers more-accurate information. This gives organizations access to more-complex data for analysis than that received from other resources.

Unlike other standard, cookie-cutter solution platforms, EMOL Health customizes every single aggregation project to fit the specific needs of their clients. Other analytics firms deliver the “30,000-foot” view – EMOL provides an in-depth analysis that will drive meaningful strategic internal decision-making. Oncology is ever evolving and the need to benchmark against standards of care, compare outcomes, and create accountability in medical practice is paramount. EMOL Health facilitates the establishment of tailored internal expectations for practice and provides the support needed to actualize meaningful changes across care.

Precision Reporting

Oncology is a unique space in healthcare that has notable challenges facing providers, patients, and oncology care practices. As quality-of-care initiatives and national standards change as the science advances, practices need to ensure that they are providing the best care possible without overextending resources. With its ease of use and good value, EMOL Health creates clinical decision support by presenting vital, real-time clinical information to providers. These tools help practices optimize patient care and maximize practice performance in a synchronous manner.

At the heart of practice management is value. In the ever-evolving medical world, compliance with national standards is paramount. Practice management needs real-time tools to quantify practice efforts, identify missed opportunities, and ultimately create better outcomes. EMOL Health OWL technology creates value for practices with unique analytics that serve the practice’s needs.

Each care provider is able to run personal reports on the database, allowing them to quickly compare analyzed and benchmarked data for empowered, accelerated decision-making. Patient status indicators are standardized across reports and communicated automatically to the necessary care teams. All insights are presented simply so that critical information – such as risk level assessment – is quickly comprehended. Deeper analysis is available and presented through graphics facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of the data and its implications.

Empower Patients

The Patient Reporting and Educational System (PRES) provides personalized patient care by interfacing directly with patients to increase compliance, manage side effects, manage symptoms, reduce patient hospitalizations, conduct patient surveys, and collect patient-reported outcomes. The system supports multiple languages, platforms, and is 100% database-driven, enabling rapid scalability as well as customizability from the individual patient all the way up to the hospital level.

PRES is simple to implement with any size population and allows control of the level of engagement, types of outreach, and urgency of follow-ups. The system can be utilized for the management of any chronic condition and is programmed to gage patient symptoms, number of symptoms, and severity of symptoms. Management of symptom burden is offered through proven methodologies of severity reduction. This important information is also reported back to the practice.

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