Brian Decker

Founder & CEO

Who I am: 

  • I have made it my life’s work to use cutting-edge technology to improve the quality of life and overall survival in oncology patients by harnessing the insights found in aggregated data.
  • As one of the youngest graduates of the Executive MBA program at Notre Dame, my professors let me know that I may need some gray hair to help establish my credibility. Now, as the father of three brilliant, creative daughters, and with a wife who is also an expert in her chosen field, I can see the gray helping.
  • The greatest compliment I have received was during a business meeting with clients when one stated, “If Brian says EMOL can do it, then EMOL can do it.”

What I do at EMOL Health:

I assist community healthcare providers, researchers, and biopharmaceutical companies as we all work toward improving the patient journey in oncology. EMOL strives to support community practitioners in this unprecedented era of discovery in pharmacogenomics. Along with these breakthroughs in oncology and subsequent changes in standards of practice, EMOL can provide practical application of information technology within their practice.


Why I do what I do:

While my interests and education lie in technology and business, I grew up in a home where we frequently discussed obstacles in medicine, particularly oncology. My father was and is a practicing community oncologist while my mother is an oncology research nurse and educator. Dinner table chatter often included challenges they faced centering on their belief that decisions should be grounded in clinical evidence and adhere to universally accepted practice standards – even more complicated when discussing community-based practices and the ever-evolving oncology space. At the root of these critical issues was the opportunity to marry information technology and clinical practice medicine. Aligning real-world data with advances in medicine hinges on the importance of gathering information, organizing and analyzing it, and presenting it in ways that are timely and actionable with practicing clinicians. EMOL was founded with the sole purpose of creating technologies to help medical professionals to ensure that patients receive optimal care.


How To Reach Me:


Contact us to request a demonstration and learn how we can support you.