Anna Carey

Customer and Project Management

Who I am: 

  • A fan of science fiction and fantasy literature, I have served on the board of the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association since 2009 and participated in various planning committees for mid-west conventions since 2002, for which I was named Fan Guest of Honor at ConFusion in 2022.
  • As a mom to two little boys, I find joy in watching their eyes light up to new experiences, either through visiting museums and theaters, or on summer camping adventures and winter ski trips.

What I do at EMOL Health:

Whether working with EMOL’s design team in actualizing new tools to extract and operationalize data or helping our clients to define their data needs, I direct the energy and focus of the team so that EMOL can make what may seem impossible, possible. As the primary liaison with clients, I follow all projects ensuring everyone has the resources they need for successful project delivery.


Why I do what I do:

My prior career in film and television production lead to an exciting time in my life and included covering events such as the Heartland Poker Tour and Big 10 Sports. I found that my strongest skillset was my ability to react intuitively and accurately to ever-changing environments, ensuring that productions were completed as expected and on time. From there I went on to other leadership positions that helped me to further refine my abilities in process-based management, negotiation, and resource optimization which I draw on daily at EMOL Health as we work to fulfill our client’s needs. In 2008, my husband’s baby sister succumbed to a rare pediatric cancer. It was then I decided I wanted to do more, and when the opportunity arose in 2013 to became part of the EMOL team, I jumped at it. Becoming involved with EMOL allows me the opportunity to help in the fight against cancer albeit in a non-medical capacity. Knowing that we are providing clinicians and researchers with impactful information that can change how we manage oncology patients makes my work meaningful.


How To Reach Me:


Contact us to request a demonstration and learn how we can support you.