Aaron Thul

Compliance and Innovation


Who I am: 

  • I am an avid volleyball player.
  • Path of Exile and Torchlight are favorites in my gaming repertoire.
  • I enjoy exploring and applying home automation apps to my own home.

What I do at EMOL Health:

I am the technology translator. Whether you are a physician, biosciences partner, or client, I work closely with Brian Johnson, our Senior Software Developer, and his team to be sure we can and are delivering the information you are looking for. I’m also the guy who will troubleshoot any tech problems that arise, day or night, so that we can bring the project in on time and that all our data remains protected.


Why I do what I do:

I do what I love – working in, with, and learning about IT and how understanding it can only add to the human experience. An example is my work in hybrid vehicle technology at Michigan Technological University which I was honored to present at multiple SAE World Congresses. A real passion of mine is bringing open-source tools – in other words, software that is in the public domain – to bear on problems in our industry. I just enjoy tinkering with new software as it comes on the market as well as the software EMOL has developed to find ways it can be optimized or tweaked to better serve our clients.


Oncology Care Providers


Oncology Patients


Individual clinical and patient-related data points