EMOL Health, a data aggregation company for community oncology practices, Ajeet Gajra, MD, and G1 Therapeutics presented a poster at the 2023 ASCO Quality Care Symposium in Boston. Myelosuppression and healthcare utilization among patients with chemotherapy-treated extensive-stage small cell lung cancer (ES-SCLC) with and without trilaciclib from community oncology practices. (Abstract #527)

Using EMRs from participating community oncology practices, EMOL Health’s Curation Team read through EMRs to collect data on ES-SCLC patients receiving trilaciclib and chemotherapy to a comparison cohort not receiving trilaciclib. Results from this study suggest that trilaciclib reduces myelosuppression and cytopenia-related healthcare utilization among patients with ES-SCLC in the real world.

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